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December 09, 2006



Hi John:

I hope everything is well with you, your family and travels.

I wanted to provide a perspective on your 1 Timothy, Study 4

When I look at the latest Christian scandal with Ted Haggard as opposed to those we faced in the eighties, I see a distinctive difference (for the better, I mean)

I remember every grueling moment the Swaggart, Gorman, Baker, Tilton, (I probably forgot a few) scandals. What a Disney moment it must have been for the "accuser of the brethren" to have a ringside seat; watching NBC, ABC, and CBS every nght for what seemed like months.

I remember the commentators bringing in Christian experts, Pastor experts, debating what should be done, how much pressure should be applied, who should resign, etc. What a mess it was!

I contrast those events of the eighties to our latest scandal with Ted Haggard. His story lasted all of 1 weekend and it was over, done, nothing left to discuss. What was difference????

The difference in the 2 scandals had everything to do with order, godly government, and ironically enough, submitting to authority.

The order? Apparently, Ted Haggard's church had already played out this scenario in their mind and had an orderly process to resolve the issue. Their lay "leaders" examined the evidence, and apparently were ready to bring the issue to a quick conclusion.

This was a great example of Godly government in the church and the positive results that can follow.

The kicker in this, however, was Ted Haggard submitting to the Godly authority in His church. He didn't try and excuse himself, nor start up another church (we hope) in Colorado Springs, splitting his own flock. He just accepted his punishment and faded from the scene with more dignity than any minister involved in a scandal in the eighties.

I hate the sins he brought into this, but I have an admiration for the man not dragging the Body of Christ through another replay of the eighties scandals. It is my belief God will be more gracious to him because of it. I hope his marriage, his family and the grace of God on his life survives this ordeal. Though the event was clearly a negative one, the resolve was a marriage of "godly leadership" responding to godly principles. Is this an indication we might have matured since the eighties?

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