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June 15, 2007




I was getting caught up with my "Mark" bible studies and I came across vs 10, chapter 11. Wow, did you really say, "church and politics don't mix, they are separate entities?" I mean, I agree to your statement fully, but I never imagined someone from our side actually saying it out loud. I think the church (as a whole) has attempted to build his kingdom in American politics. In some ways it has worked and others it has not. I believe the single reason our President won the last election had little to nothing to do with him, but the fact 20 states (critical states to the election) had the homosexual amendment on their ballot. Most of the people who would vote against the amendment would vote for President Bush. The amendment was soundly defeated in every single state. States our president needed to win the election. It was a profoundly dumb move by our spiritual and political enemies. On the other hand, it is apparent the church (as a whole) will hold the "Roe vs Wade" decision as a litmus test. This decision will probably be altered, changed a little or amended but will in all liklihood never be overturned. "Roe vs Wade" is / was a bad decision, but God will not judge us because the Supreme Court made this decision. He will, however, judge the church for the decisions and judgements we make within our own borders and to be honest with you our sins, at times, are worse than "Roe vs Wade" will ever be. We could overturn this decision, feel a great victory, and lose the war over sins within our own borders. Thanks for being bodacious.



So in reference to obedience...with the comments you posted could you say then that Christ's presence is ushered into the city riding on the back of faith filled obedience?

What does that say for us as we want Christ's presence to come into our lives, our jobs, the lives of our church, and cities?

Philipians 2:13 says "For it is God who works in you to will AND TO ACT according to his good purpose.

To will to do AND TO DO in faith filled obedience.

Good stuff Dr. John!

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